Posted by: denisevp3 | April 8, 2012


At house we do Spring baskets on the first day of spring. These baskets are filled with the hope that the snow will indeed leave the mountain top. No worries about that this year. We had the most snow in-between Kyle and Zach’s birthdays in Oct.! We had an 80 degree week and that was fun. only our crocuses came out some buds on the trees but the rest were smart and stayed firmly under ground.

As Easter approaches we read stores and do different projects to remember the awesome life and teachings of Jesus. We don’t go all out for “the bunny”. We have in recent years on Sat. started to do a little egg hunt. Of course the boys love running around the yard looking for the plastic eggs.

On Easter Sunday we rise early enough to greet each other with a joyous “He has Risen” “He has Risen indeed!” We eat a quick breakfast and head off to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Christ!

This year we chose to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. No dishes! No Cooking! Yeah! Thanks Gramma and Grampa!

Later at home we eat the Easter Lamb cake. I didn’t post a picture of it. (the head fell off!) We just ate it all up!




  1. Zach is growing too fast! Caleb too. make them stop!!

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