Posted by: denisevp3 | May 29, 2012

Random Events

Zach with Muffin. We had the fun of dog sitting. Muffin is Zach’s responsibility. She belongs to Mike who is on staff here at camp. We all have a good time with her She has a personality unlike these big labs! She sits up on the couch or sleeps in your lap. but fun of all she climbs under the covers with Zach and goes to sleep! She also prefers people food!

The geese and their young are in a field we travel by frequently. They have grown so much all ready . There are several families . It is wonderful to see the little puffballs grow so quickly.



  1. Wonderful pictures and writing. Good way for Grampa and me to keep up with your daily lives. Regarding the bear, I thought at first you had risked llife and limb to get that picture!

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