Posted by: denisevp3 | May 29, 2012

Spring Garden


My Silly husband with weeds for ears! He was thrilled to get the garden under control early this year. Easter week was very warm and we were able to, with the major Help Of Gramp”Head ” get the entire garden cleaned up and ready to go. The peas were all planted this week and the potatoes were planted shortly after. At this writing the peas and potatoes are doing very well! The temps cooled right down after that great weather. it froze the blossoms on my pie cherry tree so this year I will be lucky to get two or three cherries! It is very disappointing.

Our other fruit trees were due for some major pruning. Bills Dad- Grampa Bill came for visit and gave us pruning lessons. We did some major work .  Here are blossoms on my beloved peach tree and a sweet cherry that has not produced much yet.

I love spring when I can get out and find all the new things blossoming running about being accomplished. We just pray that God will bless our garden, cause out sons to grow in delight of creepy things(no snakes please) and bring a bountiful harvest!


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