Posted by: denisevp3 | January 4, 2013

A New Year!

IMG8369A good friend recently pointed out that I have not posted in a long time. Living in the “forest” does not bring me some up to date necessities like high-speed internet! I live in the era of dial-up. I hope most of you who read this do not remember dial-up. but… it is not fun. I can not add photos to this page with out first sending them to my husband at work. Then I go to work and upload them to the page. I write at home because he has a lap top and that self mouse is always in the way. ( I am now beginning to whine like another blog I know so….)

We ushered in the New Year last night by letting Caleb think he was staying up til Midnight. We set the clock ahead so at 10:30 it became 12:00! This was Zach’s idea. We ate pizza and wings then got out the games the boys rec’d for Christmas. Tom and Jerry Trouble and Nab-it a scrabble like game. it was almost 9 when we finished playing. Then we moved to the living room to watch” Return to the Secret Garden” We watched Old guys from our day on Great Performances on PBS and a little of Dick Clarks New Year it was festive and Caleb thought it was midnight so  off to bed he went!! Then we finished watching the new Hawaii 5-o with Zach. I would like to say Bill and I stayed up with Zach til midnight but we were snug in our bed and fast asleep by 11:30!

As the new year starts we are planning for the future. Looking ahead to our garden thinking of plants while watching snow fall. We have been blessed by almost 2 feet of snow. This snow is so necessary for our water table. So let it snow! We also spent two hours getting a Nyla bone unstuck from the snow blower! Just love those dogs!

I should back post but.. I missed writing about Caleb’s dance . We went to Nationals in Virginia Beach in July(Thank You Aunt Maria for Driving what a blessing to my nerves !) It was very hot 105 degrees Thank you Lord for air conditioning. We spent most of our time in the pool at the hotel! His group did very well! He loved the experience ! This year we did decide however to drop the team and just do the regular classes. That means no more ballet! Caleb who turned 7 in July is fine with that. He tried about 15 mins of Hip Hop.. It was hysterical. He does not have a hip hop frame of mind. But tap and Jazz He loves! I was glad to see the smiles and him just having fun again. Caleb also started the long awaited gymnastics. Unfortunately they are very crowded now and the lack of male coaches made it a less than fun experience and he opted out of it quicker then I would have thought.


Zach turned 14 in the fall . He had a good summer at camp. Broke some of that shell! He met new kids and started Paintball this year. Aside from getting a good whack in the back of the head from friendly fire he really enjoyed it. I am sure next summer he will be down there as much as possible. Zach continues to like his oil painting classes. He and Gramma took a class at Christmas time. They enjoyed being together but the  subject left a lot to be desired for both of them. Zach will not be painting flowers! Zach (and all of us ) have had two meetings with his birthmom and the whole family this fall. We had a great time at  a Park in the fingerlakes!


AWANA started late this fall as  the club we were involved with decided at the last-minute to not do AWANA this year. That meant starting fresh with new people and commanders. So far so good! Both Bill and I are leaders this year. Caleb is in his last year of Spark’s. Zach aged out  but we are hoping this new club will eventually as they get their feet under them get the older groups back in.

Kyle and Shannon are doing very well. Kyle is Head Chef at the restaurant where he works. He loves this role . He is amazed that someone his age has such responsibility. They bought their first car in the big world  this summer. That was a new experience but we knew they would do a great job with that as they had been so responsible with buying a car from us. They are looking forward to moving into a new Apartment this New Year.


We have enjoyed a couple of trips out to the Fingerlakes. Not as many as we would like,with gas it has become so costly. Bills Mom is living with his brother Andrew and sister  in law Sue. her dementia/Alzheimer’s does not allow her to always remember who we are. We also get to see his Dad and Karey while we are there for the day.

We were able to take our destress trip to Cape Cod at he end of the summer as well. The boys and Ethan, Zach’s friend had a good time in the ocean and we had a  peaceful time as well. Camp is fun and we do so enjoy  working for the Lord here but summer is long and demanding! Bill enjoyed his new Birthday bike from Mom and Roger . We rode a lot near the cottage. we found a little gift shop near the hotels. There were also several little trails down to the beach.


Bill and I of course are older but we wont talk about that too much.My parents did come to help me celebrate my big fabulous fifty birthday! That was fun to have them for several days. I got a new camera and even though I am still learning to use the manual side of it I hope you will see a change in my photos!


Enough of an update …this will take for ever to check all my typos!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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