Posted by: denisevp3 | January 4, 2013


This Christmas Caleb rec’d his first shaving kit for christmas. They have pretend razors,shaving cream and shampoo. When things calmed down after Christmas, Caleb went with Dad to have his first shaving lesson!

IMG_8631 scan0010

I found this picture of Zach when he was 7 or 8 getting his first lesson too! By next year I think Zach will be using a real razor! yikes!! they grow up to quickly.



  1. For a minute I thought Bill had shaved the beard!

  2. the picture of Bill and Caleb ws taken recently but the one of Zach and Bill was actually taken in August of 2006. Yikes! Zacgh has grown.

  3. love those pictures. you were so clever to have both, and show them together. Now you will have to have Bill and Kyle pose together as they shave!!

  4. shave my beard in the middle of winter, NEVER! Way too cold.
    It would bve like running around naked in the snow. Not this dude!!

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