Posted by: denisevp3 | January 7, 2013


Snow by Caleb

Snow  snow.Caleb today went out in the snow.I am going to have a snow ball fight.Woof woof said Jenny. She whimpered as she fetched a snow ball.I am having a magic snow ball dog fight.I turned into a German shepherd dog . Together we had a silly snow ball fight.

Snow by Zach

Drake sat on his sled. He was getting ready to take on the ultimate hill. The hill was thirty feet l0ng and extremely steep. His best friend Steve was with him. Steve dropped the sled on the ground. The sled was brand new. It was red with yellow flames on it. Steve sat on his sled then looked at Drake.

“You ready?” Steve asked.

Drake nodded”Lets go!”

They both pushed off. They flew down the hill. Drake’s hair blew in the wind. The cold snow stung his face. The cold air was rushing inside his lungs. It was getting harder to breath,but Drake didn’t care. Drake looked and saw Steve sleding toward him. They crashed and rolled down the hill. Drake was rolling so much all he saw was white. Then when he stopped his sled flew toward him. Drake watched as it came closer. Tehn it hit him in the face and he blacked out.



  1. Zachary, I loved your story and want to hear more! You are a writer!! lots of love, gram see you on Skype!

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