Posted by: denisevp3 | January 4, 2014

A New Year!

Well last year at this time I was excited to have gotten a hotspot so we could have high-speed internet at home! Yikes that was the most aggravating thing. You just could never keep ahead of its demands.

So much has happened in our lives since last March.Zach got back into swimming and finished up in June . He was excited to go to camp but the excitement left as he came down with a virus that plagued him all summer. He tested positive for Lymes disease and was treated for that, but as the summer went into October he was still not feeling his best. After seeing the infectious disease specialist she said his antibodies to Lyme were old, and that it was probably something more along the lines of coxsakies virus ( I am sure I did not spell that right)  Zach finally started to feel better and is back swimming again. His coach is getting him ready to take the life  guard training course next fall. He told him the day he turns 16 he will hire him! He is also working out with his coach as he trains for a triathlon.

Caleb finished his dance year in June with a recital which the 6 of us were able to attend together. He did a tap and Jazz number. In September he has continued with his class readying a tap and Jazz number for recital time as well as taking a solo class in Tap. This is part of the comp team.If all goes well and he seems to be on target now he will have four competitions. 2 in Albany,1 in Utica and 1 in Sparta NJ then Nationals will be in Wildwood Nj. His solo is to super Mario brothers routine and I think he is doing an awesome job!

Summer saw us busy with Camp. we plowed right through the spring and into summer. We stay very busy from Fathers day to Labor day. Though this past year August was quieter than usual. The fall was very busy . Our Ladies retreat was earlier then usual and that went very well then we just kept going right up to Thanksgiving.

We headed to Cape Cod in early Sept. This is our time to de-stress and regroup from the summer and then jump right into fall. It was a more laid back vacation as Zach was just not feeling up to doing a lot. With that said we did get out to the Highland light. and enjoyed a picnic near by. Sunsets were spent at Sesuit beach. we watched Caleb play in the cool waves!

I am rambling in this catch up entry. In July Gramma and Grampa arrived and surprised Caleb on his birthday. We met at Kyle’s resteraunt.We had dinner and cake and ice cream before heading back up the Mountain. Gramma and Grampa stayed for a week! One day while they were here we took a trip into Vermont. we went to Weston Vt. to the Vermont Country store and then over to Cavendish Vt. to see where Mom was born. We could just see the house over the bank. Then we headed off on a very back road to see where her great Grandfather had lived in Vermont. We took a picture of a stone wall winding along the road and decided his farm was there in those woods on Popple Dungeon .Thankfully Mom is writing this all down because she will have all the correct names and spellings!

The last night they were here Kyle and Shannon came for dinner to celebrate Moms birthday. We had our own private fireworks show after cake and ice cream!

In August we quietly celebrated my birthday. It is so busy in August that there is not much time. We did go to lunch at Red Robin and came home for ice cream and cookies.

Sept is Bills birthday and we were at Cape Cod his favorite place to be. Bill and Caleb put in a lot of hours on the cape cod rail trail. this was Caleb’s first time riding solo. he put in between 17 and 22 miles everyday for four days. the last day they were stranded in Orleans when the van broke down. The tow truck was going to be hours so the road side service picked them up and took them to the bike trail and told them to ride home! the trail it self was fine but the last 5 miles were pretty hairy!

Late Sept/Oct. saw us back into our routines. and busy   camp schedules as well. Oct. brought Kyle’s 23 rd birthday. We carved pumpkins and had peach pie for his cake. Hard to believe he is a head chef at his age. But he is doing awesome!

At the end of the month we celebrated Zach’s birthday. Gramma was to arrive the day before but Grampa got sick so she came later in Nov.  Kyle brought “City” pizza and we had cake and ice cream. The cake had pop rocks on it! The guys played video games. Zach would like to be a DJ some day and he received a controller so he can create his own music. He was very excited about that.

Mom did comme for a week in November. We just hung out, went bowling and then out for pizza. Kyle and Shannon came for dinner .We sure do miss her when she is not here with us. Grampa too!

This Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time we went out to the fingerlakes and had a wonderful family Thanksgiving with everyone one on Bills side. The boys got to see both their grandparents and all their Aunts and Uncles.

December found us getting ready for the Christmas Gathering at Camp. It was a wonderful evening. Dinner desserts crafts and stories for the children and finished with a live Nativity.I was responsible to organize the evening. All the staff were wonderful in getting there rolls taken care of. The evening went well. pastor Chris has a live Nativity program all mapped out. I set up the cast and costumes. 19 costumes were made by Janet and my self! The kids and adults did an Awesome job! It was very special way to focus on the birth of Christ.

Here is wishing to all who read this a wonderful New Year. We know not what it will bring. We pray for Bills Mom as she is not doing well. She does not know us anymore and has faded away. Prayers go out to Andy and Sue who do a wonderful job taking care of her, with help from Meg Wil and Anne as well as the home health workers that come in.

Prayers to my Parents as well as they enjoy the sunshine state!

Looking forward to all the boys will accomplish. Kyle and Shannon’s fourth Anniversary! . Enough of my ramblings I know I have forgotten or not included a lot but this year I hope to be better at getting something written every month. Maybe I will make that my one new years resolution!



  1. Wow! Your year was filled with many blessings. I am so happy that I could share a few celebrations with you–wish I could be there for every birthday, dance recital, etc.,etc.
    One little correction I need to make,,It was my grandfather who lived in Popple Dungeon. Love Mom

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