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Spring Garden


My Silly husband with weeds for ears! He was thrilled to get the garden under control early this year. Easter week was very warm and we were able to, with the major Help Of Gramp”Head ” get the entire garden cleaned up and ready to go. The peas were all planted this week and the potatoes were planted shortly after. At this writing the peas and potatoes are doing very well! The temps cooled right down after that great weather. it froze the blossoms on my pie cherry tree so this year I will be lucky to get two or three cherries! It is very disappointing.

Our other fruit trees were due for some major pruning. Bills Dad- Grampa Bill came for visit and gave us pruning lessons. We did some major work .  Here are blossoms on my beloved peach tree and a sweet cherry that has not produced much yet.

I love spring when I can get out and find all the new things blossoming running about being accomplished. We just pray that God will bless our garden, cause out sons to grow in delight of creepy things(no snakes please) and bring a bountiful harvest!

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Caleb Dance Competition

These pictures were from the Caleb’s Encore Dance Competition in Rome NY.

It was a beautiful day and we were excited to all be going on this road trip. WE left after lunch and arrived right on time in Rome. They were running early in their schedule so we did not have a long wait. Unfortunately the AC was not working in the auditorium and It was sweltering hot in there. Caleb’s group did well. THey scored a 1st place Gold in both of there numbers!

Caleb was team captain for Tarzan this time so that meant during the awards ceremony if called he would be the one to stand up and get their pins ,ribbons trophies etc. As captain HE was allowed to keep the trophy at home.! This was beyond all pleasure for him. “I don’t need anything put this trophy.What a prize!”  Well as the picture shows he would not let go of it and fell asleep holding it on the way home. The next morning and indeed the next couple of days he was frequently seen taking it places with him. Even out to the garden! 

His group is now getting ready for recitals and then it will be off to Virginia Beach for Nationals.!(These will be live on the web . More info to follow on that.)

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New from Zachy

These are the newest of Zach’s creations! HE continues to get up to the painting classes about once a month. He is developing a style of his own in a room full of people who are all copying each other!

I have a hard time getting him to wash his hands after. He says he likes the sense of creativity the look of paint hands has!

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Finally – Part 2

Finally!! I painted Caleb’s room last summer and he moved down to his own space the end of summer. I was waiting to take pictures when the quilt was finished. .I finally just sat down one winter night and got that done. I do not actually quilt so it is a quilt top that has been tied. I am hoping next time Mom is here she will quilt around the fisherman Freddie’s. Mom appliquied those blocks.

The rest of the room is just a fun place to hang out. He has a house on one wall that is not in the picture. He put seeds on the wall so plants would grow there!

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Christmas 2011

I know these entries are out of order but I just got to them!

We had a good Christmas. Kyle and Shannon over slept and were late getting here so next year we will try something a little different. We had a fun relaxing time opening gifts and oohing and awwing over everthing.

I do have to tell this story so I wonwt forget(I not sure how i could) !

At 2:30 I awoke to a musical sound coming from the bathroom. I ventured down stairs to fing Caleb happily playing with some water pitch pipes that I had put in his stocking. “These are really cool!” I agreed but I also sent him back to bed! He finally fell asleep and woke again at 7:00!

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At house we do Spring baskets on the first day of spring. These baskets are filled with the hope that the snow will indeed leave the mountain top. No worries about that this year. We had the most snow in-between Kyle and Zach’s birthdays in Oct.! We had an 80 degree week and that was fun. only our crocuses came out some buds on the trees but the rest were smart and stayed firmly under ground.

As Easter approaches we read stores and do different projects to remember the awesome life and teachings of Jesus. We don’t go all out for “the bunny”. We have in recent years on Sat. started to do a little egg hunt. Of course the boys love running around the yard looking for the plastic eggs.

On Easter Sunday we rise early enough to greet each other with a joyous “He has Risen” “He has Risen indeed!” We eat a quick breakfast and head off to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Christ!

This year we chose to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. No dishes! No Cooking! Yeah! Thanks Gramma and Grampa!

Later at home we eat the Easter Lamb cake. I didn’t post a picture of it. (the head fell off!) We just ate it all up!


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Teen Painter

Just before Christmas Zach took an interest in painting. He has enjoyed watching the “Bob Ross” painting classes on PBS. He was thrilled when I found Bob Ross painting classes at our local Hobby Lobby. He was soon registered . His first painting was beautiful! On the way home I offered to stop at the kitchen so he could wash up with the gritty hand cleaner. He wanted no part of this. He declared he was never going to wash his hands, he loved the smell and the sight of paint it reminded him that he was truely an artist now!

Since that first class he has attended two more and looks forward to going to classes once a month. His instructor has spoken highly of his talent. She said he catches on quickly and stays very positive in class(well except for the last time)

I am amazed at how well he does and at the things he is able to paint .Good job Zach!

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Dance Season

The beginning of dance competition season is upon us. Today was Spirit day. A day for all the families and dancers to gather and watch each other, eat, go over rules and practice a fire alarm in a school! It was a long afternoon. There are some great dancers in Caleb’s dance school! I am amazed at the talent. Caleb is in the youngest group and for the first time ever he froze up on stage! This has never happened! He made it from one spot to another but not with all his dance steps. He was  very upset but by the time to do his second number he was over it and ready to go. Now he remembered everything this time , he just went in the wrong direction!! The teachers were laughing so hard they stopped the music to have them start over but…they hadn’t told Caleb he was the one in the wrong so he did it all over again. Luckily one of the stage dads was there and got him pointed in the right direction!

In March he will have two competitions in Albany at the Palace theater. Then in April in Hackensack NJ Then May in Rome.(When I first told him about Rome he was very excited to be be able to go flying!!!I neglected to say Rome NY!) The recitals three days worth of dancing will be held in June and then on to the Nationals in Virginia beach in July.

Caleb loves to dance! He will be Tarzan in one number. the skinny long-legged kid he is, has to look strong!! In his tap number he is a farmer for perfect piggies?? and in Ballet ( not comp team) he will be Prince Eric from the Little mermaid(Ballet is not his strong point!) Ballet is required for Jazz.

I will post stories and pictures when I can.

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This was the first Thanksgiving we waited for one of our kids and his wife to arrive. It  seems like we have just always been together! They arrived as soon as they could as Shannon had to work that morning.

We had all the dishes ready .The food was well prepped at intervals during the day. The Chef of the family has his routines! I made pies the day before. 8 pies to be exact. Only two were headed somewhere else. We had our usually sweet and mashed potatoes olives cranberry sauce and stuffing as well as scallop corn.

The turkey was huge. Enough for dinner and left overs for a couple of days.I love turkey sandwiches and a casserole that has brown rice turkey and raisins and some different spices(which I can t remember at the moment).

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is the day after . Grampa Ed is usually here . He very patiently waits at the bottom of the ladder while I take down the Christmas tins with all the dishes in them. I unwrap and change out the dishes and we put everything back. It is like freeing old friends and so delightful to be setting the table with Christmas cheer!

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